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TANDEM JUMP $199.00 CASH --14,000' with 60 SECONDS OF FREEFALL!!!


At Skydive Lake Wales we want your first skydive to be safe, memorable, and most of all, enjoyable.  Over 40 years of experience has taught us many valuable lessons, in this regard.  We are constantly improving our facilities, equipment, and training methods to meet this goal.   Whether you decide to learn the sport of skydiving or just do one jump, your first tandem skydive will be one of the most memorable times that you will enjoy for a lifetime!!  For our Tandem Jumps you must be 18 years of age, weigh less than 220 pounds, with height and weight proportional. 

  • Gather Information    To make your reservation, you will need the following information:
    • Names and weights of all people in your party.
    • Names of people who want a professionally edited DVD mini-movie which includes photos of their first jump.
    • A MasterCard,Visa or Discover # and expiration date to hold the reservations.
    • A date and time convenient for your party.  The whole first jump process generally takes about minimum of 4 HOURS!!!  We are open for jumping from 8:00am until we are done for the day. Winter Season we are open everyday weather permitting, ALWAYS CALL FIRST BEFORE HEADING OUT!!!
  • Make Reservations
    The easiest way to make a reservation is to call us at 863-678-1003 between and 8:00 am and 9:00 pm or email us at seven days a week. 
  • The Day Of Your Skydive
    • Wear soft soled tennis shoes and clothing appropriate for the weather.
    • Drink plenty of water and eat normally.
    • Plan to show up 15 minutes prior to your reservation time.
  • When You Arrive
    • Check in at the office and we will help you fill out the necessary paperwork.
    • One of our USPA Instructors will brief you on the equipment and technique for tandem parachute freefall and landing.
  • 15 Minute Call
    • Once you are on a call, our staff will outfit you with all the gear you need to make your skydive, and you will meet your instructor and your cameraman.
    • You will board one of our awesome airplanes, takeoff and climb to exit altitude.
  • Climbing To Altitude  
    • On the way to exit altitude your instructor will go over the skydive again, answer any questions you may have, and prepare the equipment for your adventure.
    • Once you are securely attached to your instructor, the door will be opened and experienced jumpers will begin to exit the aircraft.
  • The Skydive
    • If you have a videoperson, they will climb outside the aircraft.  Meanwhile, you and your instructor will move to the edge of the door and then it’s Ready, Set, Go!!
    • The freefall portion of your skydive is an exhilarating 60 seconds of 120 M.P.H. freefall where you and your instructor will perform turning maneuvers and at the appropriate altitude, your instructor will open your parachute.
  • The Parachute Ride
    • When your instructor opens the parachute, the freefall is over but the adventure is not.  Maybe it is the difference in noise or speed, but most people describe this as overwhelmingly “Peaceful”.
    • After a 6 minute scenic parachute ride you and your instructor will land back where it all began.


And once you have tasted flight,

You will walk with your eyes turned skyward,

For there you have been,

And there you long to return.


-Leonardo da Vinci


  • After the Skydive
    • After the jump, our staff will assist you out of the gear, and your instructor will talk with you about the skydive.
    • If you purchased a DVD movie and still pictures of your skydive, the videographer will give you  your  DVD movie fully edited and your digital still photos within 25 minutes after you land. (If there is no technical problems)


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