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After your first skydive, you may want to continue the fun and become a licensed skydiver.  Years ago, we helped develop the Tandem Progression –Instructor Assisted Freefall (IAF) method to train new jumpers.  We believe that, if you are looking for an alternative to the AFF course then this is the best way to train new jumpers.  Basically, you will do a total of five tandem jumps, learning a new skill on each jump.  Prior to the IAF portion of the program, you will attend a half day ground school.

The IAF portion of the program consists of five jumps.   Accompanied by one of our certified USPA instructors, using one of our specially designed student parachutes and helmet radios, you will learn how to safely jump from a plane, deploy your own parachute and land using your new skills.  Your next 15 jumps will be a combination of solo and coached jumps that will further refine your skills.  After you have completed our program you will have earned a USPA A-License.  This license is your passport to jump at almost any drop zone in the world.

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